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No project too small, no challenge too big

Lantern Heritage is committed to tailoring a package to meet your needs. We have demonstrated experience in providing heritage advice, assessments and impact mitigation programs on major projects. That same level of expertise, and dedication to customer service, is also available to smaller developers, without the prohibitive costs often associated with specialists.

Integrity, transparency, and cost effective delivery for the heritage component of your DA, EIS, REF or EA

No matter where you are at in project planning or delivery, we can provide innovative and cost effective approaches to navigating your obligations with regard to heritage legislation.

Experience and Expertise

Our company director, Bec Parkes BA(Hons) PhD, has over 20 years’ experience as a field archaeologist, and 19 years’ experience in professional heritage management. Bec is a member of Australia ICOMOS, the Australian Archaeology Association and the Australasian Society for Historical Archaeology. Over the past two decades, Bec has worked on sites across SA, NSW and the ACT as well as in South America and Europe. Her expertise in archaeology and heritage management comes not only from her employment in consulting archaeology, but also from an ongoing involvement in lecturing and practical training at the Australian National University.


Contextual interpretation and assessment

Lantern Heritage specialises in the identification, assessment and investigation of archaeological sites. From individual artefacts and assemblages through to site complexes and entire landscapes, we have the skills to identify, record, document, analyse and interpret archaeology.

Our staff have experience across a broad range of archaeological sites, and affiliations with specialists across multiple disciplines including: remote sensing, geoarchaeology, rock art recording and conservation, forensic archaeology, lithics analysis, maritime archaeology, radiometric dating, anthropology, and materials conservation.

Aboriginal Heritage

Demonstrated experience in survey, excavation and interpretation of Pleistocene, Holocene and contact period sites.

From beaches and coastal hinterland to the desert interior, Lantern Heritage staff have experience across a broad range of Aboriginal sites and cultural landscapes. With a strong focus on understanding and assessing both tangible and intangible cultural heritage values, we are passionate about the importance of community consultation and finding ways to balance heritage impacts with heritage significance.

Historical Heritage

Although Australia has a short documented history compared with other countries, there is an incredible diversity to the range of site types that it comprises. The problem for developers can be in understanding what sorts of sites have heritage significance and knowing when to call in a specialist.

Lantern Heritage has demonstrated experience across the heritage of early settlement/pastoral sites, mining sites, industrial landscapes, transport corridors, built landscape, ethnic diversity, and religious identity. Our Director is recognised by the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage as a S140 Excavation Director.

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